School Programme (5 years+)

Class Duration: 30 Minutes    
$17.50 per lesson (refer to T & C's)

Maximum:  5 or 6 children (subject to ability)

The School Programme consists of 7 levels (not including Transition), focused on developing efficient swimming strokes, whilst promoting basic water safety skills, sensible behaviours and respect for the water. The programme will take your child from a non-swimmer to a high standard that meets the criteria of swimming clubs, or to any level in-between you may choose.

Whilst our programme is ability-grouped we recognise the influence of peers on both skill development and motivation, so we do try to group students of similar age.

The programme is continuous, so as your child achieves the set skills and goals for each level they are promoted to the next class and rewarded immediately — there is no need to wait until the term has finished to progress.  This ensures that learning is continuous and motivation is maintained at a high level.
1. School D
At this level the foundation skills are achieved, such as water confidence, body position and kicking, both on front and back. Because children at this level often do not have good water confidence the class is fun-filled and engaging.  Our experience has shown that enjoyable activities in a small group environment encourages learners and provides them with the confidence to attempt new skills and overcome fears. The majority of pupils will graduate from this level to a School C.
2. Transition Class
The primary purpose of our transition class is to assist our Kindy C students graduating into our School Programme, although this class may also be suitable for some school aged pupils on their path of development.
Students will graduate from this class into a School C when they are able to competently kick the full lap of the pool, kick on their back and do effective arm stroking for at least 6m.
3. School C
Children at this level are confident and relaxed in the water; they also have a streamlined body position and an effective kicking action on front and back. On graduation from this level students will be arm stroking on their fronts, and kicking unassisted on their backs.
Co-ordinating and maintaining arm action, leg action and body position is often challenging so patience is required.
Our teachers are skilled at maintaining high motivation levels through the use of positive feedback, praise and incentives. Positive re-enforcement from parents is important too!
4. School B
This level introduces the breathing action. Children are challenged to maintain an effective body position (‘good streamlining’) and to develop good breath control including exhalation (‘blowing bubbles’). Once these skills have been acquired and integrated with the arm stroking and leg kicking they will be swimming a basic freestyle stroke. Kicking on back skill will be extended.
5. School A
Now that your child has added all the parts together of a basic freestyle swimming action, we can begin to shape the stroke to be more flowing and efficient.
We increase the focus on ‘feel’ and ‘catch’ of the water when arm stroking; and develop a well timed and co-ordinated freestyle stroke. Some swimmers will learn to ‘feel’ the water with ease, but for others our teachers will provide cues to aid the learner develop a well timed, efficient and smooth flowing stroke. Students will also be introduced to Backstroke, always with a focus on maintaining a good body position.
6. Improver Class
Swimmers at this level are competent freestyle and backstroke swimmers. Our focus  is on continuing the development of a well timed and efficient freestyle and backstroke, and increasing distances whilst maintaining a good standard of swimming in these strokes.
We also introduce breaststroke kicking action and the butterfly body and leg action.
7. Advanced Class (maximum:  8 children)
Graduation from this level will require students to be able to swim all four competitive swimming strokes (freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly) proficiently, and maintain a high quality stroke over distance.
We understand that parents will have varying goals and expectations for their children’s level of swimming ability. Our goal is to ensure that children have all the necessary skills to be able to enter a swimming club with a competent level of skill in all strokes.  In graduating this level, children will be of a competent level to start a swimming club.
8. Mini Squad (maximum: 9 children)
This squad offers a good transition for young swimmers before going to a swimming club, or perhaps parents who wish their child to swim only once a week yet still maintain their skills. Our Min Squads are designed so that students retain these skills in a fun environment, whilst being challenged to enhance their skills further.



"Mairangi Swim School is a fantastic facility that have encouraged and taught my 3 children in the mum and bub class, preschool and now school age. In particular the work they have done with my eldest who has dispraxia is amazing. They have  not only been so caring and understanding but their skill level in teaching her has meant she has much better co-ordination. This has not only helped her in the pool but in school and other activities as well. They have given her so much more confidence and it is a joy to watch her go from strength to strength in her swimming."
- Sarah Johnston


"My two girls Codi (6 years old) and Jaime (5 years old) have been attending the Mairangi Swim School since they were 1 year old.

During this time they have had caring, experienced teachers who have displayed an empathy for my girls, guiding and supporting individual needs and creating a happy enjoyable environment for the girls swimming.
The support staff have always been accommodating and friendly.

I would recommend Mairangi Swim School for parents who want their children to learn to swim in a professional energising environment."

- Kim Roozendaal

"I've been involved with Mairangi Swim School for nearly 10 years, all 3 of my children have learnt to swim there. It's not the biggest or the newest swim school in our area but it is run professionally, has friendly and welcoming staff and the focus is on ensuring the children not only become competent swimmers but enjoy and respect water."
- Susan Stevens
2016 Mairangi Bay Swim School 458 1280-877-743

“We have found that Mairangi Swim School coaches are friendly, and extremely patient with the kids learning process, they have a flexible schedule and always have a professional approach. The pool is maintained constantly and the receptionists are warm and welcoming.  We are so grateful to find Mairangi Swim School in the first place. Keep up the good work!”

T & S Rubianto
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We are a family-centred business, and we are committed to providing a top quality programme delivered by top quality swimming teachers.  We want you to love swimming as much as we do!

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