Preteen/Teen Programme

Class Duration: 30 Minutes    $17.50 per lesson (refer to T & C'S)

Maximum: 4 swimmers

These classes will cater to any ability within this age range. Learning new skills at this age can be sensitive for learners so our classes are taught in a warm and nurturing environment. Our teachers (either in or out of the water) will develop a programme based on the child’s ability and on the goals of the child or parents.



“We have found that Mairangi Swim School coaches are friendly, and extremely patient with the kids learning process, they have a flexible schedule and always have a professional approach. The pool is maintained constantly and the receptionists are warm and welcoming.  We are so grateful to find Mairangi Swim School in the first place. Keep up the good work!”

T & S Rubianto
About Us

We are a family-centred business, and we are committed to providing a top quality programme delivered by top quality swimming teachers.  We want you to love swimming as much as we do!

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6d Ascension Place,
Mairangi Bay
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