Baby and Toddler programme (3 months to 3 years)

Class Duration: 30 Minutes     $14.50 per lesson (refer to T & C's)

For information on FREE baby swimming lessons for 3 - 6 month olds please click here.

Our Baby and Toddler, and Duckling classes are 30 minutes long, with up to 10 children per class; a parent or caregiver must be in the water with the child. Our custom-built pool is ideal for teaching babies and toddlers.

We offer a two tiered programme that is ability based and developmentally appropriate:
  • Baby and Toddler Classes (max. 10 children)
    These classes focus on developmental and fundamental aquatic skills such as water familiarization, submersion and water safety. Once your little ones displays a good level of water confidence and independence they will be promoted to the Duckling class.
  • Duckling Classes (max. 10 children)
    The Duckling class will further progress skill development. Children are very active in these classes engaging in a variety of activities to enhance basic swimming skill development and water safety skills.

 Baby/Toddler, Duckling and First Splashes timetable 

Our lessons are group lessons facilitated by our teachers. We believe that parents or caregivers are your child's 'best' first teachers, so our teachers will guide the parents through the activities and developmental progressions, and in turn the parents will teach their little ones.
Our classes provide a wonderful opportunity for baby/toddler and parent/caregiver to interact and participate in a fun, warm and nurturing environment created through the use of  fun activities and songs. Through repitition and reinforcement your little one's skills will soon develop.

Baby and Toddler swimming is a fantastic activity to share with your little one. By participating in swimming classes your child is developing readiness for learn-to-swim, developing fundamental movement skills (such as crawling, walking, running and jumping) and also stimulating the senses to create new learning. Please read Benefits of Baby and Toddler Swimming for more information.

Time Flexibility
Because flexibility is important to families, our continuous and flexible programme means we can meet your changing needs.  If you need to skip a class due to illness, use our ‘make-up’ system; or when baby’s sleep and feed times change we can offer a range of alternate classes.  Our ‘Baby and Toddler’ and ‘Duckling’ classes are available seven days a week, so you can change your class time to suit.


MSS - baby toddler swimming class


“We have been coming to Mairangi Swim School for over eight years. We started coming when our first child was six months old and our fourth child is just about to finish the 'baby' classes and move into the 'kindy' classes.

I have always thought of swimming as an essential life skill rather than an 'activity' and after being to Mairangi Swim School I absolutely believe our children are better prepared when around water and have the skills necessary to help them survive in an emergency.

All of the teachers we have has have been incredibly attentive and we have always felt our children have been nurtured and encouraged.  The administration staff have also been amazing and incredibly accommodating when trying to co-ordinate classes with multiple children (not an easy task with four children).

We have recommended Mairangi Swim School to everyone we know and wouldn't think of going anywhere else!"
- Nikki Young

One of the best decisions we have made... Incredible teachers, friendly administration staff, accommodating make up lessons system in place and even play time after swim for toddlers! Can't recommend it highly enough. 11 years later - and we still have our 2 (out of 3) kids enrolled at Mairangi Swim school.

Many thanks to Margaret, Tanya, Anita, Marian and the team

                                                                                                                                                - Carl and Alena Hewison


“We have found that Mairangi Swim School coaches are friendly, and extremely patient with the kids learning process, they have a flexible schedule and always have a professional approach. The pool is maintained constantly and the receptionists are warm and welcoming.  We are so grateful to find Mairangi Swim School in the first place. Keep up the good work!”

T & S Rubianto
About Us

We are a family-centred business, and we are committed to providing a top quality programme delivered by top quality swimming teachers.  We want you to love swimming as much as we do!

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