Kindy Programme (3 to 5 years)

Class Duration: 20 Minutes    
$16.50 per lesson   (refer to T & C'S)

Maximum: 3 children

In these classes, your child will be learning much more than just how to swim. It is often their first involvement in a structured lesson away from their parent/caregiver.  A teacher will be in the water so parents are not required in the pool.  However parental presence, support and encouragement are an important part of the ‘learn to swim’ process. The viewing deck is immediately adjacent to the poolside. 

Because many physical, cognitive and social changes will occur between the ages of 3 and 5 years, this is a fascinating period of child development. 
You notice improvement in:
  • Co-ordinating motor (physical) skills
  • Communication
  • Understanding concepts, memorising instructions and following simple rules
  • Social development as they play and interact better with others
As qualified swimming teachers our teachers are aware and sensitive to this stage of development.

We offer 4 levels of classes. Whatever the starting ability of your child, our teachers will develop their water confidence, swimming and water safety skills — promoting sensible behaviours and respect for the water.

MSS - Wendy pre-school classes

  1. Kindy D
    This is the foundation class of the Kindy Programme. Primarily the aims in this class are improving confidence, submersion, floating, kicking and paddling. Fun games and activities make swimming lessons enjoyable and build your child’s confidence to attempt new skills.
    Because your child is an individual we are sensitive to their needs and ability and will adapt our expectations and teaching accordingly. It is important that your child’s confidence remains high throughout this crucial stage, while challenging them to develop new skills.
  2. Kindy C
    Having achieved a good level of water confidence and mastered floating in the streamlined position, children learn an effective kicking action, begin to learn freestyle arm stroking and the co-ordination the leg and arm action. In this age group, this coordination can be challenging and require the skilled motivation of teachers and support of parents.


"Addison began her time at Mairangi Swim School when she was about 6 months old. She is now 3 and loving her lessons more than ever. We have had sessions with a number of different teachers during our time and have found every one of them to be super friendly and supportive of Addi and able to find fun and informative ways to aid her development at all stages of her learning. She is now so confident in the water and we owe so much of that to the teachers she has had over her time here. I have also found that the office staff have been so easy to deal with and are always happy to chat and take an interest in Addis development. Overall I can not recommend Mairangi Swim School highly enough to anyone looking for a fun safe friendly environment to bring their kids to learn to swim."
- Aidan Hill

“All three of my boys (ages 1, 4 and 6 yrs) currently attend Mairangi Swim School. From the baby class to school age classes, the standard of teaching is consistently high and as a result my boys have a confidence and enjoyment of the water which is awesome to see. I know the skills they are learning now will be life long and potentially life saving." 
- Claire Bennett

“We have found that Mairangi Swim School coaches are friendly, and extremely patient with the kids learning process, they have a flexible schedule and always have a professional approach. The pool is maintained constantly and the receptionists are warm and welcoming.  We are so grateful to find Mairangi Swim School in the first place. Keep up the good work!”

T & S Rubianto
About Us

We are a family-centred business, and we are committed to providing a top quality programme delivered by top quality swimming teachers.  We want you to love swimming as much as we do!

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